Single Use Plastic

Yellowave – phasing out all single use plastic

Take Away Coffee Cups

Yellowave has now ditched all single use take away cups altogether. Instead the options are:

– sit in and enjoy a coffee within the venue in washable cups
– use your own keep cup
– purchase a super cool Yellowave Keep Cup
– have a take away in one of our spare donated crockery mugs

Yellowave Keep Cups sell for £6 and include a free hot drink.
They are made in Cornwall from 100% recycled coffee cups.
They get in the top coffee cups reviews in the Independent – read more about them here.

Plastic bottles – soft drinks

Over the next few months Yellowave will be looking at ways to reduce the amount of plastic used, including soft drinks, which arrive in plastic bottles. These bottles, when deposited as waste within the venue, will be recycled by commercial recyclers ‘Paper-Round’. Paper Round offer a process that recycles 100% of the bottles and sends them off to be made into other items such as fleeces.

Beer Deposit Cups

Yellowave now offers deposit cups when purchasing a pint from the Yellowave Craft Beer Bar. Cups are charged at £1 and the full £1 is refunded when you return your cup. Or if you are a regular simply keep your beer cup and re-use time and time again.

For anyone who returns the cup but doesn’t claim the £1 back, £1 will be donated by Yellowave to the Sussex Wildlife Trust Kelp Reforestation Project.