You will be asked to pay a three-week match deposit at the start of the league. This is refundable providing it hasn’t been used to pay late fees. Please note we require three weeks’ notice if you do not wish to continue into the following league.

Payment Methods:

All teams are to pay for the whole league upfront (before their first game is played). The cost is £8/player per week. This is to be done as one transaction. Failing to pay for your league game will result to you having to pay a late fee.

Rules of the game:

General rules across all leagues

• At the beginning of each game, the referee will call upon the team captains for a coin toss or pebble in the hand choice. The successful captain may then choose to serve or select the end they wish to start at.
• There is a maximum of three touches by one team before the ball must pass over the net.
• If the ball makes any contact with the court line the ball is in/ if the ball lands outside of the line it is out.
• Three sets of 12 minutes will be played (switch ends every six minutes).
• The game will be stopped if another ball enters the court when a ‘let’ will then be played.
• If a ball appears to be going out it must be left to make contact with the sand, any touch on the ball will deem the shot to have been played.
• If it is a draw at the end of time, an extra point will be played. There will be no drawn games.
• The ball can be played off of any part of the body.
• No open-hand receive from a serve or rally point (unless it is hard-driven).
• No carrying of the ball (please ask if you do not know what a carry is).
• Any contact with the net during an action shot is a fault.
• If the ball hits the net on your side, a team member can still play the ball off the net, as long as you have not used all three touches.
• The serve – once the ball has left the hand it counts as a serve. You may not throw the ball up a second time to attempt a second serve.
• The ball cannot be blocked or spiked from the serve.
• The ball must be received below the top of the net line from a serve.
• When serving, the feet must be behind the base line and must not go under or contact the line in any way.
• A player may not block the view of the opposing server and must move if asked to do so.
• The server must wait for the referee’s whistle before serving.
• All players in the team must take a turn in serving on a rotational basis.
• Points are obtained on all serves (rally point).
• The serve is still in play if it hits the top of the net and goes over.

4-a-side League:

2/3-a-side League:

• The 2’s and 3’s league is self-refereed. If you don’t turn up for your ref duty, you start each set of your game 5 points down
• When spiking, the hand must make full contact with the ball – no tipping with the fingers and no carrying of the ball is allowed.
• If the first ball comes over the net and hits the player twice in one consecutive movement, it doesn’t count as a double touch.
• Sets must be clean avoiding double touches/carrying.
• If setting over the net the shoulders must be perpendicular/ facing the direction of the set and avoid carrying/ double touch. This is advised not to do.
• A player may not make contact with the net unless it is an accident (ie not in the process of making or blocking a shot).

• Substitutions – In an attempt to create consistency in play the following rules apply:
– If one of your team cannot make a game you may make a substitution.
– Your team can make a total of 3 substitutions in any one league period. Any further substitutions will receive a 5 point penalty at the start of each set. (The only exception to this rule is if there are extenuating circumstances whereby a player can no longer play the rest of the league. E.g the player has broken their leg. In this situation the captain must get approval from the Yellowave League Manager.)
– You must let us know by phone or email of any substitution you are using ideally by 5.30pm on the day of your match.
– You can either use a player from your league as a sub (but only a player from your division or a division below. You can’t get one from above). The other options is someone who doesn’t play in the leagues but need to be of a similar level of the player you are subbing.
– Any substitutions that are of extreme difference in levels may be required to start with a penalty. An example of when this would apply is if an intermediate player was subbed by a highly advanced semi-pro player. The aim of this rule is to make the matches within each league as fair as possible when a sub is being used.


Players/teams must respect opponents, each other referees and Yellowave staff. Yellowave will not tolerate aggressive, rude or non-sporting behaviour. Any behaviour deemed to be unacceptable may mean your player or team is removed from the league. All payments will still be due for the rest of the league until another replacement team has been found.

Weather conditions:

The Yellowave team make the overall decision if a league is going ahead or not. A decision will be made by five o’clock on the night of the league. The Yellowave team uses a number of different forecasting sites, experience of local conditions and weather predicton percentages to make a decision. These include:

Wind speed/ direction- The venue is sheltered from certain wind directions.
Rain-Likelihood of prolonged heavy rain compared to showers or light drizzle.
Temperature & time of year – there may be some league nights we may cancel in the winter months (due to it being cold) that we wouldn’t for the summer months (where it is warmer).
Play will be suspended: If there is thunder/ lightening with less than 10 seconds between flashes/crashes.

Commitment to the league:

We expect teams to be fully committed to turning up each week for both fixtures and referee duty and to paying league fees on time. Any team who regularly does not turn up, is late or does not pay their fees may be removed from the league. Full payment for the league will be required until a replacement team is found.

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