Hire a court / pitch

We offer a range of beach sports at Yellowave. Just hire a court or pitch and come and have a go. No experience necessary, just come on down and have some fun in the sand. Courts can be hired on the hour and all prices include a ball. To book or to check availability just call us on 01273 672222. You need to pay in advance so please have your debit or credit card at the ready. Alternatively pop down and see us and book in at reception.

Volleyball court

  • Beach volleyball is the most popular sport at Yellowave – it’s simply great fun and highly addictive. You can play with anything between 2 to 6-a-side, so there’s a maximum of 12 on court at a time. This sport gives you that instant ‘holiday feel’.

Footvolley pitch

  • This Brazilian sport is similar to volleyball but you play with your feet, knees, head….in fact anything other than your arms and hands. Great for anyone who loves doing ‘keepy uppies’! You can have up to 12 players on court at a time but we recommend 2-4-a-side. The price includes a footvolley ball.

Beach soccer pitch

  • Like 5/side footy but even more dynamic. The sand adds a whole new dimension making it harder to run on but a whole lot more fun.  5-8-a-side is recommended. The soccer pitch takes up half the venue and is only available at certain times so please check availability first.

Beach rugby pitch

  • Diving about in the sand provides a much softer landing than on grass. The touch / tag rugby pitch takes up half the venue and is only available at certain times so please check availability first.