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We are RE-OPENING on Thurs June 11th

We are delighted to announce we have made the decision to REOPEN from Thursday 11th June after the latest announcement on May 30th confirming the return of competitive sport from June 1st. The courts will be open for 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3 games (players from different households) or for more players (for players from the same household).

We understand that up to 6 people from different households can now meet if they stay outside and remain 2m away. Basketball and other non-contact sports along with training sessions are now allowed if played by 6 people or less. As a non-contact sport we feel beach volleyball in the outdoors meets all the government guidelines and the game naturally maintains social distancing. We will be asking everyone to wash hands or sanitise before playing and have zero contact with each other.

The cafe will be open for take away, as will the NEW ice cream and craft beer bar. To start with we are only opening at the following times:

Wed-Fri 10am-9pm
Weekends 10am-6pm

We are only opening at these times as we need to see how much demand there is during this first week. If we discover that the demand is not there and we are running at more of a loss than being closed, we may have to re-consider our decision. This is especially tricky as the council has decided to keep Madeira Drive closed to cars, without consultation or informing us. Therefore if you are unable to get to us without the use of a car you will need to park locally and walk down. We are awaiting further information from the council as to why the road is shut off as we were only told this would be during the lock down phase. This is a further blow to the business at this particular tricky time. If we find there is the demand on the days we are opening we will look to open on Mondays and Tuesdays. We are also keen to re-start the leagues, but will update you on this nearer the time.

What you can do to help…
1. It would be fabulous if you can get booking courts online!
2. It would be great if you can advertise our re-opening and tell friends/family and local community ‘What’s App’ groups that we have a new outdoor scooped ice cream and cold beer bar – perfect for take out on the beach!

We will be spending the next week and half getting Covid-ready to keep you and all our staff as safe as possible. For now we appreciate all the support you can give us and cannot wait to see you. Thank you.