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Following government guidelines - WE ARE NOW CLOSED.

Following on the government guidelines announced at 5pm on March 20th Yellowave, as a leisure centre and cafe, we will be closed until further notice.

We thank you all for your support at this time and will update this page as and when we adjust to this news.


How you can help us.

A huge number of you have kindly asked how you can help us at Yellowave get through the current Covid-19 crisis and remain a viable business. Your kindness is overwhelming. It didn’t seem right to simply ask for donations when so many other business are also in crisis. So instead we thought we could set up a fund you can donate to, which we could use towards weekday court time for schools and not-for-profit organisations. This would benefit Yellowave by bringing in income at off peak times, once the crisis is over, and allow schools and organisations, who may not be able to afford to hire courts, the opportunity to get on the sand. Thank you to all of you who have sent kind words. And by no means do we have any expectations for donations. The fund link is below.

Sending love and health to all of you during these difficult time.

Background information & other ways to help:
As you can imagine we have just had far greater losses than we usually do over the last 6 months. This has been due to the terribly wet and windy winter. We were however hopeful that we could make this up in April-Sept, our key months. From Sept-Feb we make a loss. In terms of income, to simply break even on the whole financial year we need to take £50K/month in April/May/June to just balance the books over the whole year. In terms of finances the crisis has come at the worst time possible.  However there are other things you guys can do to help.

1. You could buy credit now and we will attach it to your account for use at a later time. This helps us with cash flow.

2.  You could donate to the above fund and know you will be giving the opportunity to play beach volleyball to some really worthy participants.

3. You could buy yourself or a friend one of our vouchers as a gift.

4. When all things Covid-19 calm down, you could come back to Yellowave and book in on every tournament and coaching session you can find!

Of course there are a lot of people and businesses in a similar situation and we wouldn’t have suggested this fund if so many of you hadn’t asked. Anything you can do is wonderful and we thank you for all your support and kindness during these tricky times.